cheaper rugsMost people buy rug pads and install them hurriedly on their floors without giving much thought i.e. putting protection underneath. Other even have misconceptions about rug pads i.e. they warm wooden floors. Such misconceptions arise from the fact that there are very many cheap rugs on sale in the market today and sellers are willing to say anything to make a sale. Most of these cheap rugs especially those which are mesh-looking are simply plastic imitations of superior rug pads which feature rubber padding. Such rugs have very many dangerous chemicals and low quality plastic which damages many types of floors including wooden floors.

In this article, we will attempt to address some of the most common misconceptions our clients have when they come to us looking for rug pads for their hardwood floors. It is important to note that most customers aren’t sure which rug pads are ideal for hardwood floors in different areas so we thought it would be good to clear the air once and for all.

Rug Padding for hardwoods
Carpet pads for wooden floors

Most of our customers are concerned about the safety of rug pads on hardwood floors. We’ve all heard stories about area rug pads stripping, melting, marring or staining new hardwood floors. There are many reasons why something like this can happen. One of the most common reasons behind this revolves around installation time. When a customer doesn’t wait for 2-3 weeks after refinishing their floors to install a rug pad, they will most likely damage their new hardwood floor. When the polyurethane finishing doesn’t get enough time to cure, it reacts with the rubber or PVC based pad marring the floor.

Using a low quality pad can also cause the above problems. It is important to note that the market has very many low quality rug pads which are capable of reacting with most hardwood floor finishes. Reactions usually happen when vinyl, acrylic and lacquered finishes are used with PVC rug pads. Vinyl to vinyl reactions cause hardwood floor discolorations. This explains why you need a warranty.

Unfortunately, most people don’t think about buying a high quality rug pad to protect their hardwood floors. This stems from the lack of knowledge about the potential risks low quality rugs pose to their lovely hardwood floors. Most people just lay their new rugs directly and start wondering why the rug wrinkles and doesn’t stay in place. They also wonder why their floor wears out at a very fast pace.

It is important to note that rug pads lay a sound and solid foundation for carpets. They make the surface softer, warmer and more comfortable. However, the ultimate job of a rug pad is to protect your hardwood floor since it is very vulnerable from stripping, staining and cleaning.

The advantages/pros of using rug pads

1. Thicker rug pads prolong your carpet’s life.
2. They reduce slippage
3. They make cleaning easier
4. They are comfortable to the feet
5. They reduce carpet wrinkling and wear
6. They protect wooden floors from staining
7. They add cushion and warmth
8. They prolong your floor’s life

What should you expect when you buy a high quality rug pad for your hardwood floor?

As mentioned above there are very many rug pads in the market today most of which are substandard. It can therefore be a daunting task to find the best rug pads for hardwood floors. It can however be an easy task when you are equipped with all the right information. The best rug pads keep the carpet in place.   They also make cleaning easier and protect the floor. It is also important to note that high quality rug pads don’t smell. If your looking for a quality rug pad for hardwood floors, check out RugPadUSA – Hardwood Page.

Also, high quality pads don’t stick on your floor. Any rug pad that sticks or stains your hardwood floor is definitely made using low quality PVC. Also, the sticking and staining could be an indication that the pad is cured using chemicals which are harmful to your sensitive hardwood floor. This is precisely why you should remember to give your floor enough time after refinishing before you lay any kind of rug pad. Environmental friendly rug pads are examples of good high quality rug pads since they don’t contain harmful chemicals and they minimize landfill.

Recommended materials for area rug pads

Below are some rug pad materials that come highly recommended for hardwood floors featuring high glossy finishes i.e. hardwood floors which are more prone to stains.

1. Natural rubber rug pads

rubber rug pads for hardwood floorsSuper Lock Natural Rubber is a very common name used to refer to rug pads which are made of natural rubber i.e. white sap which comes from the rubber tree (hevea brasiliensis). A suitable natural rubber alternative is latex i.e. synthetic rubber. Rug pads made using natural rubber are the most superior in all aspects i.e. rug pad protection, eco-friendliness, non-slip and hardwood floor safe. Natural rubber is the best choice for hardwood floors as well as poly finishes which are more prone to stains. In regards to rubber thickness, rubber rug pads which are approximately 1/8 inches thick are suitable for carpets which are thinner. Thicker rugs work well with thinner rubber padding i.e. 1/16 inch thick rubber pads. Natural rubber pads usually come with warranties spanning two decades or more.
2. Felt & Rubber rug Pads

It is possible to get high quality rug pads made by mixing felt with high quality rubber. Felt & rubber rug pads are usually more durable. The pads are ideal for flat-weave rugs since their needle-punch felt surface clings on the bottom of area rugs. The pads offer excellent support, reduced noise and good insulation. They can be used on any type of floors.

3. Recycled felt pads

recycled felt rug padsOur 100% recycled felt pads (made in US) are the best for large rugs on hardwood floors since they offer excellent support and cushioning which can’t be found in any other rug pads. Recycled felt pads don’t have non-slip properties like any of the above material however, it is important to note that you don’t need to minimize slippage with large rugs. In regards to thickness, 1/4, 3/8, & 1/2 inch thickness is ideal. Recycled felt pads have perfect soundproofing and insulating properties both acoustic and thermal. The pads are sold with a 15 year warranty.

4. Polyvinyl rug pads

Our polyvinyl pads don’t stain, discolour or mar your floors. There are a number of different qualities in regards to polyvinyl based rug pads. It is important to note that the market is filled with low grade polyvinyl pads. You must therefore exercise caution when buying polyvinyl rug pads especially those which don’t come with a warranty simply because they can damage your floors. Polyvinyl rug pads work perfectly with untreated hardwood floors since they prevent scratching and staining. They also work well with other types of wooden flooring. In regards to thickness, 1/8 inches thickness is ideal for offering adequate stability for thinner & smaller rugs.

What Are The Different Types Of Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors essentially come in three basic kinds. To understand which hardwood floor to purchase, have a look at these basic types. Hardwood floors can either be shown in parrallel strips, crossplanks, or solid engineered (although rare). Note the area where you’ll be utilizing the hardwood floor as well.   Its important to know what types of floors you have when choosing a rug pad,

The 3 types of hardwoods are as follows:

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1. Solid type

The solid hardwood floor is a single piece of solid, hard material. The common width is 3/4″ inch.  There are plenty strong trees that make up this type.  These particular sources are the American cherry, maple, hickory, white and red oak tree, and the Brazilian cherry. Compared to To minimize these potential shifts from occurring, install the floor over wooden subfloors. Make sure you nail or staple your solid hardwood floor. Although sensitive to external changes, this type can be recoated or refinished a couple of times.

2. Hardwood Floor: Engineered

Engineered wood floors come to be when they’re laminated. A number of hardwood piles are laminated together, producing the planks. All types of attaching ways and subfloors fit nicely with engineered wood floors. Even concrete subfloors can deal having an engineered wood floor above it. Room level isn’t a factor in this wood type.  Other versions include width, length, width, and color and size.

3. Hardwood Floor: Exotic

An exotic wood floor is made from hardwood types that aren’t grown in North America. Exotic wood floors are born from hardwood species of far off. Individuals searching for a hardwood floor that doesn’t look and feel North American should check out exotic wood floors. If function and beauty is your thing, you’ll be happy with this wood-floor kind. Note that this version isn’t exactly resistant to the sun. Long-term sun exposure means future changes in color. Bear in mind to inquire about photosensitivity levels of exotic wood floors before you buy. Always use a good quality rug pad on your hard woods, otherwise you risk significantly destroying your hardwood flooring – check out for additional information.

The Best Room

Hardwood Floors

Some hard wood floors work in unique room settings. Hard wood floors stay longer when installed in their corresponding room level. Some hardwood flooring can be put or installed at any place. Take a look at these factors before you make your purchase for longer-lasting floors and more bang for your buck in the end.

Finding a suitable Area rug pad for your expensive hardwoods is absolutely necessary. If you just purchase a pad randomly without considering the finishing products over your floors, it can end in disaster.  Many of these low cost rug pads can cause significant damage to your hardwoods.

Rug Pads for Hardwood and Wood Floors

Most Oriental rug pads are manufactured using a PVC material which can dissolve and bleed into your floors. China exports PVC Oriental rugs pads after running it through heavy chemical processes. In order to produce a top quality pad, quality materials must be used, not low based fillers that can stain your floors. This can lead to stripping and staining, and removing it can cause severe damage to the floor.

There are a lot of different alternatives that are significantly better than pvc pads.  Off the top of my head will be the organic polymer underlay. In comparison to other area rug pads this one is relatively thinner due to costs, however they have started making it thicker for greater cushioning and comfort. Other than being thin, there are no issues related to the coating also it can be changed or removed with no damage to the floor. Polymer area rug underlays have got a thickness of approximately 1/8 inch which can be ideal for hallways or any place where you have to keep height into consideration. Because it is thin, there is no problem in opening or closing the doors.

wood floor rug padding

If you want a cushioned area rug underlay, a pad crafted from 100% felt will be your ideal choice. 100% felt makes sure that there won’t be any marks on the floor. Which means that your costly hardwood floor will be well-protected from indentations and ugly scratches. A quick tip though. You should always consider the weight of the felt Oriental rug underlay and pick the one with higher ounces as it is the major factor that helps in protecting your floor. A forty-ounce rug pad will be ideal.

Last, but not the least, natural rubber Persian rug mat is yet another great alternative. Since this kind of rug pad is made of natural rubber material, it is more superior than others that are made of felt. Unlike felt Persian rug pads, this particular one is highly consistent in avoiding slippage thus eliminating the risk of leaving unwanted marks or dents on your hardwood flooring. Also, when jute material and natural rubber combines, they give you an amazing durability and protection. Other than these qualities a rubber-jute Persian rug pad is also known for its stability. Aside from this, rubber-jute Persian rug pads are highly stable.

In selecting the best Persian rug underlay for hardwood flooring, you must keep in mind that there are three qualities that you must find. First of all, it should be good enough to maintain your rug stable at any position on the ground. Then, it must keep your wooden floor shielded from any type of damage and lastly, there must be enough cushioned support to supply comfort. Best of Luck!

Many customers are often lost on why they have to spend a lot of money for a area rug pad to go with their already expensive Persian rugs? However, there are numerous reasons to spend money on buying a quality rug pad, rather than any ordinary one from Walmart. The most important benefit from spending your money on a Oriental rug pad is that it Rug Padding for Hardwood Floorscan be useful for cushioning and lengthening the life of your higher end expensive rugs. You didn’t spend your hard-earned money on high end Oriental Persian rugs only for them to get ruined and wear out easily. rug pads are really great for keeping your rugs and floors protected as they work like a buffer.  If you buy a Persian rug, you will have the following benefits:

The obvious issue is, if you place an Area rug on a smooth floor, it may slip and skid. But with a mat on assistance underneath, the area Oriental rug is secured and anchored on the floor. if you don’t have a Persian rug pad in place, people may slide or trip on the rug. Therefore, it can save you a great amount of damage simply by using a area rug pad. Specially when there are children running or playing around, you will not want to risk their safety on the slippery Persian rugs.

You might not know, but even your floor will stay protected with a higher end rug pad. As soon as the dust particles begin to settle underneath the Oriental rug, it combines with the back of the rug and create a very rough impact on the floor that can leave marks and scratches. Consequently, not only your floor could get harm, but also your precious rug may wear out sooner than later. The primary reason behind using a rug pad is to make it sit between the Oriental rug and the floor and stop them from rubbing with each other. Similarly, rug pads also prevent your floor from getting discolored or any ugly stain. pads may seem to be an extra expenditure, but it actually will save you extra money by minimizing hardwood damage expenses. Long Lasting Rug Underlay

Rug pads also offer a nice layer of cushioning underneath your rugs. Obviously, if you use a soft rug pad underneath the Oriental rug, stepping onto the floor feels a lot better. Aside from the comfort that area rug pad provides, in addition, it serves for absorbing noises. With Oriental rug pad underneath the rugs, you wouldn’t be distracted by the tapping sounds of steps. Meanwhile, a area rug pad can reduce the impact of any object falling onto your floor. Apart from safety and protection, Oriental rug pads also help out with keeping sedateness and solemnity of the environment.

Duo lock felt and rubber rug padsCushioned Oriental rug mats extend a rug’s life to a great deal and you may not need to buy a new rug any soon. You can also view a Persian rug pad like a shock absorber which makes sure that there is hardly any scratching going on between your Persian rug and floor.  As you might know, damaged hardwoods can be a huge pain and cost a fortune. With no pad to get in between, the area rug fibers will wear and tear out easily and also the floor as well will be filled with grazes. underlays also make it simpler for the cleaning of the area rugs since it provides airway underneath, the dusts are easily vacuumed. The airway formed by the Persian rug underlay will be keeping any unpleasant smell away from your rug. In additional prevention to these undesirable microbes, underlays are also treated with antimicrobial. The PVC material used in the manufacturing of area rug pads allow it to be washed by water and air dry with no chance of damaging it. So, area rug underlays also provide you an odor-free and peaceful environment. When purchasing Oriental rug pad for your area Persian rugs, pick the type that is specifically made for your kind of flooring. The pads needs to be 1 inch less on all sides than the size of your area area rug to let the ends of Persian rug rest onto the flooring.